Over the last ten years, the explosive growth in communication channels has made leaders more visible than ever. This is driving the mandate for transparency and accountability at the highest level. Today, not only are the brand values of a company's products and services visible, but so are the values of its leadership. LEWIS EXPRO is an exclusive communications consultancy service designed to help senior executives elevate their personal brand and profile. The service works across all vertical sectors either private or public.


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Leadership careers are measured in two phases. The initial phase, the "doing" phase, encompasses developing professional and commercial competencies. At the highest levels of leadership, it’s not enough to "do" something. You must "be" something. You need to be a brand.

This is why we created LEWIS EXPRO. 


  • Exclusively developed personal branding and executive narrative
  • Competitor analysis and research
  • Full spectrum, personal social media management 
  • Ghost-authored content
  •  Crisis counseling and threat analysis
  • A personally dedicated senior agency team, providing 24/7 support around the globe
  • Presentation and media training from LEWIS’ most senior team
  • Speaker programs and event management